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Tonies - Audio Character - The Wizard of Oz

Tonies - Audio Character - The Wizard of Oz

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Join Dorothy and her little munchkins as they journey to see the wizard! Simply pop this Tonie on a Toniebox and skip down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Bring home the magic of The Wizard of Oz with this Tonie - Audio Character. Join Dorothy and her lovable friends as they embark on an unforgettable adventure to meet the wizard. Simply pop this Tonie onto a Toniebox and let the story unfold before your eyes. It's the perfect addition to any playtime or family time, bringing the beloved classic to life and sparking imaginations.

Running time - Approx 50 minutes

Tracks included:

01 - The Tornado
02 - The Council with the Munchkins
03 - How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow
04 - The Road Through the Forest
05 - The Rescue of the Tin Woodman
06 - The Cowardly Lion
07 - The Journey to the Great Oz
08 - The Poppy Field
09 - The Queen of the Field Mice
10 - The Guardian of the Gates
11 - The Emerald City of Oz
12 - The Search for the Wicked Witch
13 - The Rescue
14 - The Winged Monkeys
15 - The Discovery of Oz
16 - The Magic Art of the Great Humbug

Simply pop the character on the top of the Toniesbox and the music will start playing automatically.

Toniesbox, headphones, carry cases and other accessories available separately.

  • Easy to use - kids can do it themselves
  • Contains 1 x Tonie Character
  • Requires a Toniesbox to listen
  • Magnetic
  • Handpainted
  • WLAN with internet connection required for initial use
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