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Birdies - Sunglasses

Birdies - Sunglasses

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Summer is coming!

Protect your little one's eyes from too much sun or screen time with ultra-durable, plant-based Birdies. Available in blue light blocking lenses for screen time or 100% UV protection sun lenses. Being eco-conscious isn’t just for adults.

Birdies are made from processed castor beans, a new (and old) natural polymer that is lighter than aluminium and strong enough to be used in vehicles.

These frames are virtually indestructible. Designed to withstand rough treatment, they’re bendable, throwable, and come with impact and shatter-resistant lenses. The low-density material is 10 times stronger than the plastics in car bumpers, and 13 times stronger than common bioplastics. The perfect material for inquisitive minds.

Castor plants grow extremely fast and do not require pesticides or chemicals to thrive. Just like children!

  • Plant-based, made from castor beans
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Ultra-durable
  • 100% UV protection for little eyes
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We love these super cute sunglasses. A great product from this super shop full of lovely, high quality things for little ones. Also brilliant that you can rent baby carriers and other very useful products from this shop.