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Close - Caboo Organic Cotton Baby Carrier

Close - Caboo Organic Cotton Baby Carrier

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The loved and trusted Caboo, has long been the UK’s favourite newborn carrier. It provides the optimum positioning for baby throughout the 4th trimester (5lbs+) and beyond, supporting them in the best physiological position for their developing hips and spine.

Caboo is the original sling re-invented, easy to use alone it simply pops on over the head like a t-shirt giving you all the great positioning, support and flexibility of a stretchy wrap but without the headache of tying. Once on it tightens down to fit baby and wearer exactly thanks to the clever rings. This means it goes between parents with ease, giving you the perfect fits every single time without tying, fiddly clips or buckles to worry about. Close+ Organic and Cotton blend versions differ slightly from Lite and both offer a little more support in the back panel and more generous sizing.

Little one is always close enough to kiss in the Caboo. It is like one long handsfree hug with baby, leaving you free to get on with your day whilst meeting their needs.The soft wide straps make carrying really comfortable for you both, they also enable you to tuck little one’s head in cheek to chest providing the very best integral head support during those early weeks and months. This makes it the perfect place for safe daytime naps at home or on the go!  

You will get the most from the closeness a carrier offers in the 4th trimester . Routine babywearing for just a few hours everyday during this time can help you both bond with little one as well as reduce periods of crying and fussing.

All the newborn Caboo’s are certified as ‘hip -healthy’ by the IHDI and also comply naturally with the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe carrying. There are multiple upright ‘handsfree’ carrying positions from day one through to independence including a supportive and discreet feeding position.

Simply choose your favourite style by colour material or price point.

Suitable from birth (5lbs – 32lbs/ 2.3 – 14.5kgs)

  • Soft, comfortable wide straps distribute weight evenly
  • No tying required
  • Multiple hands-free carrying options including hip position for older babies
  • Allows for discreet seated breastfeeding
  • Supports baby from their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support
  • Baby is held in the best position for developing spine and hips (frog-legged)
  • Easy to adjust - simply pull fabric through rings to tighten
  • Anchored cross reduces strain on wearer's shoulders and back
  • One size fits most
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