Angry Mama

Angry Mama

This is a totally honest and somewhat brutal blog post. 

I have been finding myself stepping into the Angry Mama role a lot lately. Anyone else? 

The correlation I have noticed from when this has happened before, is that I am over-consuming the news and news style programmes such as Panorama, Newsnight etc. I have realised that when I watch and invest my energy into these informative programmes I feel a deep injustice in my body for the people being shown and discussed. This then manifests itself as anger in the present day, mainly towards my Husband! In my mind I know he is not the reason I am angry, but he takes the brunt of that anger. It is mirrored upon him. He represents (to me) all that is wrong with the world at the moment. When I consume these real life stories and absorb their pain within my body, I feel their hurt, I feel their injustice, I feel their helplessness. The problem is it's not my pain to feel. 

I'm angry about the mothers and grandmothers and their children who have been ripped from all that they know in the various countries experiencing war right now. There are 23 countries around the world right now, in 2022, that are currently suffering armoured war with casualties of at least 1,000 people. 23! That's staggering. That's millions of displaced families around the world. I'm angry for their injustice. 

I'm angry for all the women who are still being paid less than their male counterparts just because of their gender. 

I am angry for all the misogyny and sexism our female politicians are subjected to in the workplace and how it is plastered all over the newspapers and media outlets. 

I am angry for the people who are being exploited by human traffickers today and everyday and how prevalent it is in our own country. I am angry that as a society we accept it because we want cheap nails, cheap car washes, cheap farming, cheap clothing, cheap, cheap, cheap! I am angry because vulnerable children and adults are paying the price for our passivity. 

I am angry that parents are having to choose between feeding their kids or putting the heating on because their realtime earnings have been stripped back thanks to tax rises, inflation and the energy crisis. In 2022 it is not right that 3.3million children in the UK are deemed to be living in poverty, with another 500,000 expected to be added to that group by the end of the year. 

I am angry that women are still expected to juggle work, childcare and running a house whilst men concentrate on their careers. I know this isn't the case for everyone but I know plenty that this still applies to. 

I am angry because as a society we just accept all this stuff as 'the way it is!' But why? Why should we just accept it? Don't we want better for our children? Surely collectively we could make a difference? Ok we might not be able to change the hearts and minds of dictators around the world, but we can make a difference here, together can't we? 

I hope so!

I don't have the answers or solutions to all these big world problems, but I do know we all have influence over the hearts and minds of our small people. We can show them all the love and attention they need to go on and make a big difference in the world. We can make a difference to their world. We are raising the world leaders of the next generation. We can demonstrate kindness and generosity for them. We can show them that they are not alone in this scary world. 

In the meantime I am going to try and watch a little less News Broadcasting and focus on where I can make a difference. It is important to be informed but too much can damage our souls. Notice what you are consuming and the influence it is having over your mind and body. 

This week is Maternal Mental Health week. Let's look after the mothers immediately around us. Let's support each other by providing space to listen and be together. Who could you reach out to this week? Who could you ask for help from this week? Who could you come alongside and lend an ear and a hug?

We will see a better world one day, one conscious thought and decision at a time. 

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